Active Directory integration workflow

A workflow is a collection of tasks that you complete in sequence to integrate your Active Directory (AD) instance with Okta. The tasks that you complete are listed in the following table.

Task Description Related Topic(s)

Plan your AD integration

To avoid complications, review the prerequisites and known issues.

Get started with Active Directory integration

Install the Okta AD agent Download the Okta AD agent on the host server. Install the Okta Active Directory agent

Configure AD import and account settings

Define how and when user data is exchanged with Okta.

Configure Active Directory import and account settings

Configure AD provisioning settings

Define how and where user accounts are created.

Configure Active Directory provisioning settings

Manage users and groups As the needs of your org change, configure the import and account settings to specify how and when user accounts are imported into Okta.

Manage Active Directory users and groups

Work with Active Directory attributes