Okta Mobile

Okta Mobile delivers Okta's simple Single Sign-On (SSOAn acronym for single sign-on. In a SSO system, a user logs in once to the system and can access multiple systems without being prompted to sign in for each one. Okta is a cloud-based SSO platform that allows users to enter one name and password to access multiple applications. Users can access all of their web applications, both behind the firewall and in the cloud, with a single sign in. Okta provides a seamless experience across PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.) experience to your iPad, iPhone, or Android device. When you launch the Okta Mobile application, you instantly get one-click access to all of your applications. It is also used to begin end user enrollment into Okta Mobility Management.

Note: Okta Mobile is included with Okta's SSO product and does NOT require purchase of Okta Mobility Management (OMMAn acronym for Okta Mobility Management. OMM enables you to manage your users' mobile devices, applications, and data. Your users enroll in the service and can then download and use managed apps from the Apps Store. Managed apps are typically work-related, such as Box or Expensify. As an administrator, you can remove managed apps and associated data from users' devices at any time. You can configure policies, such as data sharing controls, on any of your managed apps. See Configuring Okta Mobility Management for more information.), our device management product (see Configure Okta Mobility Management for more information).