Okta Reports are built to give you a view into the activity and security of your Okta environment. The Reports page contains canned reports and pre-defined System Log queries to help admins detect potential security risks and understand how apps and services are consumed by end users.

  • Reports and System Log events are retained for 90 days.
  • Reports may take several minutes to generate depending on the size of your request.
  • You can define your own System Log queries, for more information, see System Log.
  • The ability to view and/or run reports is determined by your assigned Administrators Role.

Sample Report

Running reports

When you run a report, some reports are:

  1. Available only in the Admin Console UI:

    • SMS Usage
    • Yubikey
    • SAML Capable Apps
    • Provisioning Capable Apps
  2. Available for download in a .csv format:

    • App Password Health

    • App Usage

    • Suspicious activity

    • Deprovision details

    • Proxy IP Usage

  3. Delivered by email:

    • Okta Usage

    • Okta Password Health

    • Current Assignments

    • MFA Usage

    See Receive reports by email.

Simply select a report and follow the steps as prompted.

Available Reports

We have grouped the available reports into the following categories: Activity Reports, Security Reports, System Log Queries, and Reports.