Add a location behavior

A location behavior can be used to evaluate sign-in policies. For example, users can configure the system to prompt an end user for a second MFA factor when there is a change of country, but permit access when there is a change of city.

  1. In the Admin Console, navigate to Security > Behavior Detection.
  2. Click Add Behavior.
  3. From the drop-down list, select Location.
  4. In the Behavior Name, type a name for the behavior
  5. In Location granularity, select the method and level of detail used to evaluate the behavior:
    • Latitude - Longitude
    • City
    • State or Region
    • Country

    Note: If you selected Latitude - Longitude proceed to step 6, otherwise proceed to step 7.

  6. In Radius from location, type the distance in kilometers from the location.
  7. The value must be 5 kilometers or greater.

  8. In Evaluate against past, type the number of recent authenticators used to evaluate this behavior.
  9. The value must be 1 or greater.

  10. Click Save.

Next Step

Add a behavior to a sign on policy rule