Factor reset notifications for end users

When enabled, end users are sent an email notification to inform them that one or more factors have been reset for their account.

HealthInsight task recommendations

Enable factor reset notifications to inform end users by email that MFA factors for their account have been reset.

Okta recommends

Enable this email notification to inform end users when one or more factors have been reset or removed.

Security impact


End-user impact


End users are sent an email notification if they or an admin reset a factor for their account.

Configure factor reset notifications

Enable factor reset notification emails for end users.

  1. From the Admin Console, navigate to Security > General.
  2. Under Security Notification Emails, click Edit.
  3. Set MFA reset notification email to Enabled.
  4. Click Save to continue.

Enabling notifications so that end users receive an email when one of their enrolled factors is reset.

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