Sign-on notifications for end users

When enabled, this email notification notifies end users of any sign-in activity. The email contains user sign-on details such as the web browser, operating system used to sign in, and time and location of authentication.


Important note

New sign-on notification emails complement other security features such as multifactor authentication and should not act as a replacement. In most scenarios, clients are easily and accurately identified but there are some limitations.


HealthInsight: Why is this task recommended?

This feature is a HealthInsight security task. For more security recommendations from Okta, see HealthInsight.

Enable sign-on notifications to inform end users by email of any unrecognized activity from a new or unknown device or browser.

Security impact: High

End-user impact: Low

Okta recommends: Enable this email notification so end users are informed about new sign-on activity, which can inform them if a different user has signed in to their account.

End-user experience and impact

End users receive an email notification if they sign in from a new or unrecognized client.


To enable sign-on notification emails for end users:

  1. From the admin console, navigate to Security > General.
  2. Under Security Notification Emails, click Edit.
  3. Set New sign-on notification email to Enabled.

    Enabling notifications so that end users receive an email for each sign-in to their org.

  4. Click Save to continue.

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