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Edge (Legacy)

Refer to the Edge Store (Legacy) for the latest version

Edge Store (Legacy)

Note: Edge (Legacy) is no longer supported. The browser plugin will continue to work for current users, but functionality may change in the future.

Edge (Chromium-based)

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Edge Store (Chromium-based)

Note: IE Mode is not currently supported.


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Internet Explorer (application)


Download directly in the Okta End User Dashboard.

Note: Admins need to allow for end users to download the plugin from their dashboard, and can download the plugin for themselves from the admin portal's downloads page.

See Configure general customization settings.

Internet Explorer (Windows installer)


Version 6.1.0 for all browsers except Safari and IE

Release: 2021.07.1

Release Summary

Dashboard access

Users can now click the new Okta logo in the Okta Browser Plugin popover to access their end-user dashboard.

Rating banner for Chrome users

For Chrome users, a banner to rate the Okta Browser Plugin is shown in the plugin popover if the user has used the plugin to launch at least five apps.

Bug fixes


Some end users were unable to access the Okta End-User Dashboard due to token errors with the Okta Browser Plugin.

Past Releases

Past releases