Okta Browser Plugin: Version history

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Edge Store (Legacy)

Note: Edge (Legacy) is no longer supported. The browser plugin will continue to work for current users, but functionality may change in the future.

Edge (Chromium-based)


Edge Store (Chromium-based)

Note: IE Mode is not currently supported.



Firefox Addons


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Internet Explorer (application)


Download directly in the Okta End User Dashboard.

Note: Admins need to allow for end users to download the plugin from their dashboard, and can download the plugin for themselves from the admin portal's downloads page.

See Configure general customization settings.

Internet Explorer (Windows installer)



Permissions: Read and Modify Privacy Settings

Note: These permissions are not required for IE or Safari

By allowing the Okta Browser Plugin to disable browser password prompts, end-users can prevent colliding password prompts from occurring. The Okta Browser Plugin will request to read and modify your browser's privacy settings, but will not modify any settings related to your browser's password prompts unless given consent through your plugin settings first.


Okta cares deeply about your Privacy and making sure you have a safe and secure experience on the web. To protect end-user privacy permissions, Okta Admins cannot force their end users to enable this feature. In addition, most browsers require that any changes to privacy permissions are consented to at the individual level. You can review our detailed Privacy Policy here.

Version history


Version 5.45.0 for all browsers

  • Recently Used apps are now visible and accessible from the plugin popover.
  • The Recently Used apps section can be configured by end users on the Okta End-User Dashboard.
  • Plugin popover loading times have been decreased.
  • The plugin’s design and images have been updated.


The Japanese translation for the auto-fill modal was incorrect.



Version 5.44.0 for all browsers

  • Miscellaneous enhancements and bug fixes for extension compatibility with the Okta Identity Engine.


The Okta Browser Plugin incorrectly suggested a new password for the ServiceNow app.



Version 5.43.0 for all browsers

  • Notifications for new features in the Okta Browser Plugin will now expire after three months.


The Okta Browser Plugin continued to recommend strong passwords for apps after the setting was disabled.



Version 5.42.0 for all browsers

  • Sign-in pages are opened in a new tab only after a user installs the plugin manually and are not opened if the plugin is installed through a group policy for Chrome, Firefox, Legacy Edge, and Chromium Edge.

  • Performance improvements


The Okta Browser Plugin didn’t inject credentials into sign-in pages for Org2Org SWA apps added to dashboards.



Version 5.41.1 for Chrome, Firefox, Chromium-Edge and Legacy Edge


After having the Okta Browser Plugin installed through a group policy, users were redirected to login.okta.com in a new tab.



Version 5.41.0 for all browsers

  • To help Okta better understand what customers want, users who uninstall the Okta Browser Plugin can now provide feedback in a survey.

  • When you close the window for the Okta Extension App for Safari, the App quits.



Version 5.40.0 for all browsers except IE

  • All plugin versions except for IE have been updated to 5.40.0.
  • After installing the Okta Browser Plugin, end users are now redirected to their Okta dashboard.


After installation, the Legacy Edge version of the Okta Browser Plugin opened two login tabs instead of one.


The Legacy Edge version of the Okta Browser Plugin didn't always display the onboarding banner for new users although the feature was enabled by the admin.



Version 5.40.0 for all versions except for IE

  • After installing the Okta Browser Plugin, end users get an improved onboarding experience when they sign in to the new Okta End-User Dashboard.



Version 5.39.1 for Firefox

  • The Okta Browser Plugin has been updated to version 5.39.1 for Firefox.

Local JavaScript option removed

  • The Use local JavaScript option in Advanced Settings has been removed for all browsers except for IE.


For some Firefox users, the Okta Browser Plugin repeatedly failed on the latest Firefox Extended Support Release.



Version 5.39.0 for all browsers

  • The new Okta End-User Dashboard now displays a dismissible banner that prompts new users to use the plugin popover to trust the dashboard.
  • The Okta Browser Plugin icon will now display a green exclamation point(!) to alert users of new plugin features that have been added.
  • The Okta Browser Plugin settings now highlights new opt-in features when they are made available.
  • In Firefox, the Close tab button, shown to users after granting privacy-related permissions for the Okta Browser Plugin, has been removed due to browser limitations.
  • In Chrome, when the Offer to Save Passwords setting is controlled by a group policy, the popover setting to prevent the browser from prompting to save passwords is hidden from end-users.
  • All Okta Browser Plugin versions have been updated to version 5.39.0.


Users switching between app sections in the Okta Browser Plugin weren't redirected to the top of the section.



Version 5.38.1 for Firefox, Safari, and Edge (Legacy)

This version includes the following:

  • In Safari, an Okta Extension App Help link has been added to the app's help menu, and the Print submenu item has been removed.

  • With the Okta Browser Plugin, users can now disable the native browser prompts to save their Okta or app passwords. See Prevent browsers from saving password credentials.



Version 5.38.0 for Chrome and Edge (Chromium-based)

This version includes the following:

  • Users can now opt in to disable native browser prompts to save passwords through the Okta Browser Plugin when signing into Okta or to an app saved in Okta. See Prevent browsers from saving password credentials.
  • A keyboard shortcut to open and close the Okta Browser Plugin popover in Firefox is added to the search field. (⌘⇧O for Mac, and Ctrl+Shift+O for PC)
  • For the new Okta End-User Dashboard: Search in the Okta Browser Plugin has been updated to have the same search accuracy as the Okta End-User Dashboard. Font sizes in the Okta Browser Plugin popover are also updated.

Bug Fixes


In Firefox version 68.0.1, the Okta Browser Plugin appeared incorrectly when pinned to the Overflow menu.


The Okta Browser Plugin didn't honor Firefox Containers, and only opened in the Default Container.



2020.02.0: Version 5.37.0 for all browsers

This version includes the following:

  • New user experience for the plugin (available as an EA feature), see New Okta end-user experience
  • Fix for re-authentication modal getting stuck in some browsers
  • Fix for the Firefox download link in the Okta Admin Console > Downloads page
  • For Internet Explorer installer, the name Okta Secure Web Authentication Plugin changed to Okta Browser Plugin
  • Back-end enhancements


2020.01.0: Version 5.36.1 for Chromium-based Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox

This version includes the following:


2019.12.0: Version 5.35.0 for Safari and Internet Explorer

This version includes the following:

  • Bug fixes for custom URL domain support for the plugin
  • Okta privacy link
  • Back-end enhancements


2019.11.1: Version 5.34.0 for Mozilla Firefox only

This version includes the following:

  • The Firefox plugin can now be downloaded from Okta
  • Back-end enhancements


2019.10.0: Version 5.33.0 for all browsers (except Firefox)

This version includes the following:

  • Security warning and anti-phishing allowlist
  • Reflection of real-time app and profile changes in the end user dashboard
  • Custom URL domain support for the plug-in (available in Preview orgs)
  • New look (available in beta)
  • Back-end enhancements


2019.09.0: Version 5.32.0 for all browsers

This version includes the following:

  • Custom URL domain support for the plugin (available through the EA Feature Manager)
  • Back-end enhancements


2019.06.0: Version 5.29.0 for all browsers

This version includes the following:

  • Quick Access apps tab (currently available as Early Access)
  • Real time reflection of apps and profile changes in the end-user dashboard (currently Generally Available for Preview orgs)
  • Back-end enhancements

Older versions release dates

From December 2018, releases are numbered by the year and month. Between October 2014 and December 2018, releases are numbered by the year and week. Prior to that, they are numbered by the release date. Occasionally, there are gaps in the release numbers.