New Okta end-user experience

We have redesigned the Okta End-User Dashboard and Okta Browser Plugin to improve user productivity and experience. The new experience is faster, more intuitive, and more responsive to smaller screens.

Note: The old Okta End-User Dashboard will no longer be supported beginning in October 2021.

Okta End-User Dashboard

The following sections provide more information about the enhancements added to the End-User Dashboard. It also detail functionalities that are retained or removed or temporarily unavailable.

What’s new

In addition to refreshing the design, the new dashboard features the following enhancements:

  • Left navigation: Making it easier for end users to find everything they need in one place, this navigation offers the option to add new features
  • Single-page layout: A new single-view panel with various sections means users no longer have to switch back and forth between tabs to find their applications
  • Any device: The new user experience design is fully responsive and works seamlessly across all devices
  • Fuzzy search: Enables users to find whatever they need, when they need it, faster than before—even if they mistype what they’re looking for
  • Recent sign-ins: End-users can track recent sign-ins and immediately report any suspicious activity. This feature is only available in the new dashboard
  • Email templates: Available in the end-user adoption toolkit, this helps to streamline the rollout process

  • Okta Dashboard Onboarding Guides: Provides a guided walkthrough to help end users understand how to use the dashboard

  • Browser plugin onboarding: Displays an onboarding banner after the plugin is installed by the user or through group policy that describes how to use the Okta browser plugin

  • Display preferences: End users can customize the layout of app cards on their dashboard

  • Accessibility: Improves screen reader support, color contrast, and keyboard navigation

What’s staying

The new dashboard does not affect the user interface or the settings for the following functionalities:

  • Sign-in page customization. For example, sign-in flows, reset password flows, self-service unlock flows
  • Translation for for Okta's 26 supported languages

  • User Settings page
  • Interstitial loading pages
  • User onboarding flow

Known limitations

The following functionalities are not yet available in the new End-User Dashboard. This list will be updated as we continue adding these functionalities to the new dashboard.

  • iFrame embedding on other websites
  • Certain application themes or colors

Some functionalities will eventually become unsupported in the new experience. If you require one of the below features for your org, please reach out to support for assistance.

  • Device Trust flows from the Dashboard

  • App badges for new apps

  • Prompts to remain logged in upon reaching session lifetime limit

  • Request an app from the footer

Okta Browser Plugin

We’ve redesigned the Okta Browser Plugin for better user experience. All existing functionalities of the plugin are available in the redesigned Okta Browser Plugin.

Main changes include:

  • Tab sidebar moved to the left
  • Navigation moved around

For Preview Environments: 

Enable the new end-user experience for your org

Learn how to enable the new end-user experience for your org here.

Disable the new end user experience for your org

Learn how to limit or disable access to the new end-user experience here.

For Production Environments: 

Enable the new end user experience for your org

  1. On Okta Admin Console, go to Settings > Features >Early Access.
  2. From the list of features, turn on New end user experience.

Disable the new end user experience for your org

During the beta phase, you can revert to the old dashboard and plugin. To disable the new End-User Dashboard and Browser Plugin:

  1. On Okta Admin Console, go to Settings > Features >Early Access.
  2. From the list of features, turn off New end user experience.

Allow end users to switch between new and old End-User Dashboards

  1. On Okta Admin Console, go to Settings > Appearance > New End-User Dashboard Experience > Edit.
  2. Select Enable for Allow users to switch back to the old interface.
  3. Click Save.


Disable Okta user communication and onboarding guides

Okta may occasionally contact your end-users to recommend security practices, notify them about new features, and request feedback. Users can opt out of Okta user communication through the following steps:

  1. On the Okta Admin Console, go to Settings > Customization > Okta User Communication > Edit.

  2. Select Opt out of Okta User Communication for this Org.
  3. Click Save.


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