Delete Cells

Delete cells from an Excel Online sheet.


Field Definition Type Required
Workbook List of workbooks available to the account. Workbook is another word for your Excel files. Dropdown TRUE
Worksheet List of worksheets available in the selected workbook. Worksheet is the individual spreadsheet within them, displayed as tabs in Excel files. Dropdown TRUE
Shift Select how to shift cells once the delete action is completed; options are Left or Up. Dropdown TRUE


The cell reference cells are used to construct a grid of cells to apply the delete action.

Field Definition Type Required
Cell Reference Begin Value representing a cell (for example, A2) in the top left corner of the grid to be deleted String TRUE
Cell Reference End Value representing a cell (for example, D4) in the bottom right corner of the grid to be deleted String TRUE


Field Definition Type

Status Code

Result of your HTTP request. See HTTP status codes.


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