Excel Online connector

The online version of Microsoft Excel allows you to share and collaborate on Excel spreadsheets. You can save these files in OneDrive.

Authorize your Excel Online account

When you add an Excel Online card to a Flow for the first time, you'll be prompted to create a new connection. See Authorization.

Excel Online connector event cards



Row Added or Updated Start the Flow when a new row is added or updated to the worksheet.
Updated Cell Start the Flow when data within a cell is updated.

Excel Online connector action cards



Add Row Add a row of data to the end of a worksheet.
Clear Cells Clear formats and/or data from the designated cells.

Custom API Action

Make a custom, authenticated HTTP call to the Excel Online API.

Delete Cells Delete cells from an Excel Online sheet.
Get Cell Value Get information for a cell.
Read Worksheet Info Read all rows in a worksheet (maximum of 300).
Read Row Read a row of data from an Excel Online worksheet.
Search Rows by Column Search for a row or rows that match a value in a certain column.
Update Cell Update a value within a row on Excel Online.
Update Row Update a row in an Excel Online Worksheet.