Updated Cell

Start the Flow when data within a cell is updated.


  • Workbook(dropdown): a list of workbooks available to the account. Workbook is another word for your Excel files.

  • Worksheet(dropdown): a list of worksheets available in the selected workbook. Worksheet is the individual spreadsheet within them, displayed as tabs in Excel files.

  • Cell Reference(text) : forexample "A1, for the first cell in the spreadsheet.

Output Fields

  • Cell Text(text): The text in the specified cell.
  • Cell Value(text): The value of the cell.
  • Type(text): type
  • Format(text): number format
  • Column Hidden(T/F): If the column is hidden
  • Row Hidden(T/F): If the row is hidden
  • Hidden(T/F): If the cell is hidden
  • Formula(text): Excel online formula
  • context

    • Execution ID(text) : the execution context unique identifier.

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