Read Email

Read a message received in Gmail. Pair this action card with an earlier event or action.

Unless otherwise indicated, field types are text.



Senders and recipients are formatted as Name <>.


  • Read

    • Message ID: unique ID of the message


  • Email

    • Thread ID: unique ID of the message thread (new, non-threaded messages have the same message and thread IDs)

    • Subject: subject heading of the message

    • Text Body: text in the body of the message

    • HTML Body: HTML formatted body of the message

    • From: sender of the email

    • CC(list of text): list of carbon copied recipients

    • Attachment IDs(list of text): list of unique IDs of the email attachments

      • filename: name of the attachment

      • attachmentID: unique ID of the attachment

      • messageID: Message ID of the email (see above)

      • type: file type (for example, .png or .jpeg)

    • Labels(list of text): list of categories attributed to the message (for example, Unread, or Important)

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