Search Emails

Search for an email or multiple emails. For more information, refer to Gmail Documentation.

Unless otherwise indicated, field types are text.


  • Result Set(drop-down)

    • First matching email: return the first email message that meets the search criteria

    • All matching emails: return all email messages that match the search criteria


  • Search

    • Query: return only the messages that match the specified query (supports the same query format as the Gmail search box, such as " is:unread". More Info

    • With Label IDs: labels to include in message filtering (such as Important, Starred, or Spam)

    • Max Result Size(number): specify the maximum number of emails to retrieve when All Matching Emails is selected

    • Page Token(string): retrieve a specific page of results in the list


  • Result for First Matching Email

    • Message ID: unique ID of the message

    • Subject: subject of the message

    • Text Body: text in the body of the message

  • Result for All Matching Emails

    • Emails(list): list of email objects returned from the search

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