Send Email with Attachment

Send email with an attachment from a Gmail account. You can add an attachment by mapping a File Type output from an action that generates or returns a file.

Unless otherwise indicated, field types are text.

Required fields are indicated by a red asterisk.


  • Body is HTML? (drop-down): indicate whether the body of the email is HTML or plain text (if you are using the Compose function to create the body of your email, select No)


  • Email

    • To(list of text): email address(es) of the message recipient(s); format multiple addresses in a list of individual emails or as a single text

    • CC(list of text): email address(es) of recipient(s) of a carbon copy of the email
    • Subject: subject of the message

    • Body: content of the message (plain text or HTML depending on the the Options setting)

  • File

    • File Name: name of the file to attach

    • File Content: file to attach


  • Email

    • MessageID: unique ID of the email generated by Gmail

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