Add Comment to File

Add a comment to a file inside Google Drive.

Unless otherwise indicated, field types are text.

Required fields are indicated by a red asterisk.


  • File

    • File ID: Unique ID of the file. The ID of a file can be found by navigating to the Google Drive web. Right-click on the file and select get sharable link. The File ID is the last part of that link, after id=. Example: Make sure to select the entire ID (about 20 characters long). Alternatively, use the Search Files card to find the file by name (see Search Files). This card has a File ID output that can be dragged into this input field.
  • Comment

    • Content: The comment that will be associated with the file.


  • Comment

    • Comment ID: The unique ID for the new comment.

    • Created Time: The date of the comment.

    • Author: The person who created the comment.

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