Update Folder Info

Update folder information in Google Drive by using folder ID.


Field Definition Type Required
Folder ID

Unique ID of the folder. There are two methods of finding the folder ID:

  • Use the Search Folders action card and input the fields and move the output field Folder ID to this card.
  • Copy and paste a portion of the link. For example, if the link is https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/088CedcLTfL-xNjZYaC1qbEN6SEE, copy and paste the bolded segment into the Folder ID input field.
String TRUE
Name Name of the folder String FALSE
Parent Folder ID ID of the folder within which the current folder is nested, This can be found the same way as instructed above for the folder ID; you can use this field to move a folder to another folder. String FALSE
Description Description of the folder String FALSE
Starred Indicates whether the folder is starred Boolean FALSE
Writers Can Share Indicates whether the people with write access can share the folder Boolean FALSE


Field Definition Type
Folder Name Updated folder name String
Folder ID Unique identifier for the folder; can be found in the URL of the folder or by using the Search Files card. See Search Files. String

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