Search Issues

Search for an issue in Jira.

Unless otherwise indicated, field types are text.


  • Project(drop-down): List of existing projects in your JIRA account. Select All Projects to enter the project name as an input.

  • Issue Type(drop-down): Type of issue to create. Select All Issue Types to use the issue type as an input.

  • Result Set(drop-down): all match issues or the first match that is found


  • Options

    • Offset(number): Offset for the results. If the card finds 50 issues and you want to return the last 20, your offset is 30 and your max result is 20.

    • Max Results(number): maximum number of results to return

  • Search By

    • Assignee: assignee of the issue

    • Category: category of the issue

    • Comment: comment on the issue

    • Created: timestamp when the issue was created

    • Creator: username of the user who created the issue

    • Description: description of the issue

    • Due Date: date when the issue is due

    • Last Viewed: last time the issue was viewed


  • Issue

    • Key: key of the issue

    • Issue ID: unique ID of the issue

    • API Resource URL: URL of the API resource for the issue

    • URL: URL of the issue

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