Jira connector

Jira connector allows you to read and send emails.

Authorize your Jira account

The Jira connector uses Oauth2 for authentication and authorization. The first time you add an Jira card to a Flow, you're prompted to create a connection. See Authorization.

Jira connector event cards



Issue Deleted Trigger a flow when an issue is deleted in Jira. The outputs on this card are retrieved dynamically from Jira and will change depending on your Jira implementation.

Issue Transitioned

Trigger a Flow when an issue's status is changed in Jira.

Issue Updated

Trigger a Flow when an issue is updated in Jira.

New Issue

Trigger a Flow when a new issue is created in Jira.

Jira connector action cards


When including multiple Jira connector action cards in a Flow, we recommend that you use only one Jira card to perform a list or search to return all issues from a Jira environment.



Create Issue

Create a new issue in Jira.

Custom API Action

Make a custom, authenticated HTTP call to the Jira API.

Delete Issue

Delete an issue in Jira.

List Issues

List all issues in a Jira project.

Read Issue

Read an issue in Jira.

Search Issues

Search for an issue in Jira.

Search Issues by JQL

Use a Jira Query language (JQL) query to get a list of issues in Jira.

Transition Issue

Change the status of an issue in Jira.

Update Issue

Update an issue in Jira.