Issue Transitioned

Trigger a Flow when an issue's status is changed in Jira.

Unless otherwise indicated, field types are text.


  • Project (drop-down): project to monitor for transitioned issues

  • JQL Query: JQL query to indicate which issues will trigger the flow


  • Webhook

    • Raw Data (object): raw webhook data for the issue
  • Issue

    • Issue ID: ID of the issue

    • Self: URL to the issue

  • Transition

    • Transition ID (number): ID of the transition

    • From: original status of the issue

    • To: new status of the issue

  • User

    • Account ID: account ID of the user who made the transition; to obtain the account ID, you can perform a search by email address using the Search Users card, or note the last ID from the profile page. For example, in the URL, the account ID is 5d0c7af1ac9cfa0bc6eed1c7.

    • Display Name: display name of the user who made the transition

    • Active (true/false): indicator iff the user is active

    • Email: email address of the user who made the transition

  • context

    • Execution ID: unique identifier for the execution of the flow

Note: You can select additional Jira fields as outputs.

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