Read Request

Read a request in Jira Service Desk using the issue ID or key.

Required fields are indicated in red.


  • Service Desk(dropdown): Choose from the list of Jira Service Desks.

  • Request Type(dropdown): Choose from the list of request types for the selected Jira Service Desk.


Read by

  • Issue ID or Key(text): Unique identifier or key for the issue.


The output fields in this card are dynamically generated based on your instance. Some of the fields are explained below:


  • Status(text):The current status of the issue.

  • Status Category(text): Category to which the issue is assigned to.

  • Status Date(text): Date of the current status.

  • Status Date ISO(text): Date of the current status in ISO format.

  • Status Date Readable(text): Date of the current status in readable format.

  • Status Date Unix(text): Date of the current status in Unix format.


  • Customer ID(text): Unique identifier of the customer.

  • Email(text): Email address of the customer.

  • Display Name(text): Display name of the customer

  • Active?(true/false): true, the customer is active; false, otherwise.

  • Timezone(text): Timezone of the customer.

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