Read Request

Read a request in Jira Service Desk using the issue ID or key.


Field Definition Type Required
Service Desk Choose from the list of Jira Service Desk instances. Dropdown FALSE
Request Type Choose from the list of request types for the selected Jira Service Desk. Dropdown FALSE


Field Definition Type Required
Read by
Issue ID or Key Unique identifier or key for the issue. String FALSE


The output fields in this card are dynamically generated based on your instance. Some of the fields are explained below.

Field Definition Type
Status The current status of the issue. String
Status Category Category to which the issue is assigned to. String
Status Date Date of the current status. String
Status Date ISO Date of the current status in ISO format. String
Status Date Readable Date of the current status in readble format. String
Status Date Unix Date of the current status in Unix format. String
Customer ID Unique identifier of the customer. String
Email Email of the customer. String
Display Name Display name of the customer. String
Active? If true, the customer is active. Boolean
Timezone Timezone of the customer. String

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