Create Profile

Create a new user profile in Mixpanel.


Field Definition Type Required
Profile ID User profile's unique identifier; equivalent to the Mixpanel distinct_id field. String TRUE
IP Address User's IP address String FALSE

Date and time when the user profile was created, in Unix format.

For example, for Wednesday, January 20, 2021 9:35:08 AM GMT-08:00, the Unix value is 1611164108.

Date & Time FALSE
Avatar User's avatar; URL resource of a .gif, .jpg, .jpeg, or .png image file to update the profile picture in a profile. String FALSE
Name User's full name String FALSE
First Name User's first name String FALSE
Last Name User's last name String FALSE
Created Date and time when the user profile was created Date & Time FALSE
Email User's email address String FALSE
Phone User's phone number String FALSE
Custom Properties A JSON object to add custom properties using the format {"property name": "property_value"}. Custom properties are limited to string-type fields. Object FALSE

Each Mixpanel profile is limited to 2,000 properties. See Profile Properties.

The following limits apply to field sizes for properties in a Mixpanel profile:

  • A maximum of 255 bytes for string-type properties

  • A maximum of 255 characters for each item in list-type properties


This card supports dynamic fields. To add fields to this card, click the empty field at the bottom of the input field list under Click or drop here to create. To reorder fields, select Edit card from the Options menu and drag fields to their new location.


If you use this action card to create a profile that already exists, any new properties that are not already part of the profile will be added as custom properties. Existing properties will not be updated nor duplicated.


Field Definition Type
Status Code Success or failure of the action; here is a list of all status codes Number

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