Mixpanel connector

Mixpanel is a commerce platform for product analytics. Use the Mixpanel connector to create, update, read, and delete product profiles and track user-product interactions.

Authorize your Mixpanel account

When you add an Mixpanel card to a Flow for the first time, you'll be prompted to create a new connection. See Authorization.

Learn about Mixpanel connector action cards



Create Track Event

Create a new track event in Mixpanel.

Create Profile

Create a new user profile in Mixpanel.

Custom API Action

Make a custom authenticated HTTP call to the Mixpanel API.

Delete Profile

Delete a user profile in Mixpanel.

Read Profile

Read a user profile in Mixpanel.

Search Track Events

Search for track events in Mixpanel.

Search Profiles

Search for user profiles in Mixpanel.

Update Profile

Updated a user profile in Mixpanel.