Create Contact

Create a new contact in SendGrid.


Field Definition Type Required
Contact Set

Choose whether to create a single contact or a list of contacts; options are Single Contact or List of Contacts

Dropdown TRUE


Field Definition Type Required
List IDs Unique identifiers of lists to which the new contact will be added String FALSE
Contact (List of Contacts)

Full contact profile for each of the new contacts as a JSON object. Example:


"first_name": "John",

"state_province_region": "CA",

"address_line_2": "",

"last_name": "Smith",

"alternate_emails": "",

"city": "Los Angeles",

"address_line_1": "123 Joy Street",

"postal_code": 92320,

"country": "USA",

"email": ""



Due to SendGrid API limitations, you can add a maximum of 30,000 contacts.

List of Objects FALSE
Contact (Single Contact)
Address Line 1 First line of the address String FALSE
Address Line 2 Optional second line for the address String FALSE
Alternate Emails Additional emails associated with the contact. String FALSE
City City of the contact String FALSE
Country Country of the contact's address. Accepts full name or abbreviation. String FALSE
Email Primary email for the contact String TRUE
First Name Contact's personal name String FALSE
Last Name Contact's family name String FALSE
Postal Code Postcode, post code, Eircode, PIN code or ZIP code String FALSE
State Province Region State, province, or region of the contacts address String FALSE
Phone Number Primary phone number for the contact String FALSE
Whatsapp Whatsapp account for the contact String FALSE
Line Landline for the contact String FALSE
Facebook Primary Facebook profile for the contact String FALSE
Unique Name Unique name assigned to the contact String FALSE
Custom Fields Custom fields created for the contact in SendGrid Various FALSE


Field Definition Type
Job ID Unique identifier of the async job to create the contact or contacts String
Status Code Success or failure of the action; here is a list of all status codes Number

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