SendGrid connector

SendGrid is a communication platform for email campaigns. Use the SendGrid connector to create and manage contact lists and create email marketing campaigns.

Authorize your SendGrid account

When you add an SendGrid card to a Flow for the first time, you'll be prompted to create a new connection. See Configure a connection.

Learn about SendGrid connector action cards



Add Contact to List

Add a contact to a list in SendGrid.

Create Contact

Create a new contact in SendGrid.

Create List

Create a new list in SendGrid.

Create Single Send

Create a new Single Send in SendGrid.

Custom API Action

Make a custom, authenticated HTTP call to the SendGrid API.

Delete Contact

Delete a contact in SendGrid.

Read Contact

Read a contact in SendGrid.

Read Contact Job

Read a job status by job ID in SendGrid.

Schedule Single Send

Schedule a single send in SendGrid.

Search Contacts

Search for contacts in SendGrid.

Update Contact

Update a contact or list of contacts in SendGrid.