Read Incident

Read an incident's information based on its ServiceNow System ID.

Unless otherwise indicated, field types are text.

Required fields are indicated in red.


  • Display

    • Display Values: The value shown in the ServiceNow UI. For example, a full name like "Joe Smith."

    • System Values: The unique identifier associated with the full name. For example, "46b87022a9fe198101a78787e40d7547" would be the database's version of "Joe Smith."

Input Fields


  • System ID: The unique identifier of the incident. The system ID can be obtained by searching for an incident with the Search Incidents card or in ServiceNow itself.

Output Fields


  • Dynamically Generated Fields: Fields are dynamically generated based on the fields available to the account selected. This includes standard fields and custom fields, if needed. Click the gear to view the full list of output options.

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