Read Message History

Retrieve information about messages received on Slack.

Unless otherwise indicated, field types are text.

Required fields are indicated by a red asterisk.


  • Channel (dropdown): name of the channel where the message was received; a maximum of 12,000 public channels will be displayed.

  • Use Date or Timestamp (dropdown): display option for when a message was received; options are Date or Timestamp.

Note: To enter a channel ID manually, select Enter Channel ID from the dropdown and populate the Channel ID field.


  • Range

    • If you selected the Date option, the following input fields will be avaiable:

      • Start Date (date and time): start of the date range

      • End Date (date and time): end of the date range

    • If you selected the Timestamp option, the following input fields will be available:

      • Start Timestamp: start of the timestamp range

      • End Timestamp: end of the timestamp range


  • Messages

    • Text: content of the message

    • Timestamp (time): timestamp when the message was sent

    • Author ID: ID of the user who sent the message