Slack connector

Slack is a communications platform that enables organizations to foster collaboration and create groups for specific topics to be discussed. You can create, join, leave, search, archive, and invite users to channels, send messages, and make custom API calls to the Slack API.


For the upcoming upgrades to Slack and Slack Admin connector cards and their impact on your Flows, see the Slack and Slack Admin Migration Guide.

Authorize your Slack account

When you add a Slack card to a Flow for the first time, you’ll be prompted to set up a connection for that channel. Setting up a connection will allow you to connect the Flow to your Slack account, save the data, and reuse that connection the next time you build a Flow with this card. See Authorization.

Slack connector event cards



New Message in Channel Trigger a Flow whenever a new message is added to a Slack channel.
New Message in Private Channel Trigger a Flow whenever a new message is added to a private Slack channel.
New Pinned Message Trigger a Flow whenever a new pinned message is added to a Slack channel.
Slash Command Trigger a Flow when someone sends a slash command to a Slack bot.

Slack connector action cards



Archive Channel Archive a Slack channel and remove it from the list of active conversations.
Create Channel Create a new channel in Slack.
Custom API Action Make a custom, authenticated HTTP call to the Slack API.
Invite User to Channel Invite a user to a Slack channel.
Join Channel Join a Slack channel.
Leave Channel Leave a Slack channel.
Read Message History Retrieve information about messages received on Slack.
Read User Retrieve information about a Slack user.
Respond to Command - Delayed Send a delayed response to a user's slash command.
Respond to Command - Real Time Send an immediate response to a user's slash command.
Search Channels Search for a Slack channel.
Send Direct Message Send a direct message to a Slack user on your team.
Send Message to Channel Send a message to a Slack channel.
Send Slackbot Message Send a notification to a user's @slackbot channel.