New Message in Private Channel

Trigger a Flow whenever a new message is added to a private Slack channel.

Note: If you pair this Event card with a Send Message to Channel Action card, you may create a loop. When a channel is notified that a new message is posted, the Flow will respond to its own messages.

Unless otherwise indicated, field types are text.


  • Channel (drop-down): list of private channels you can monitor; a maximum of 12,000 channels of which you're a member will be displayed.

  • Channel ID: Slack private channel's ID; field is not used if a channel is selected from the Channel drop-down.



If you want to enter a private channel ID manually, you must select Enter Channel ID first from the Channel drop-down. Only IDs for private channels are allowed.

If you enter an ID for a public channel in the Channel ID field, you will receive a Slack connection error. Make sure to check the channel ID.

In order to access a message link successfully, you must upgrade the New Message in Private Channel Event card to the latest version and restablish a Slack connection.


  • Message

    • Channel: private channel in which the message was posted

    • Message Link: link to the message in the private channel

    • Timestamp: timestamp when the message was added

  • Author

    • Full Name: user's full name

    • Username: user's Slack username (without @ symbol)

    • User ID: user's unique Slack ID