New Message in Channel

Trigger a Flow when a new message is added to a Slack channel.


If you pair this Event card with a Send Message to Channel action card, you may create a loop. When a channel is notified that a new message is posted, the Flow will respond to its own messages.


Field Definition Type Required
Channel List of public channels you can monitor; a maximum of 12,000 channels of which you're a member will be displayed. Dropdown TRUE
Channel ID Slack channel's ID; field is not used if a channel is selected from the Channel drop-down. String FALSE




If you want to enter a channel ID manually, you must select Enter Channel ID first from the Channel drop-down. Only IDs for public channels are allowed.

If you enter an ID for a private channel in the Channel ID field, you will receive a Slack connection error. Make sure to check the channel ID.


Field Definition Type
Text Text of the message String
Timestamp Timestamp when the message was added String
Full Name User's full name String
Username User's Slack username (without @ symbol) String
User ID User's unique Slack ID String

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