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Search for users in SmartRecruiters.

Required fields are indicated by a red asterisk.

Unless otherwise mentioned, all fields are text.


  • Result Set

    • First Matching Record: returns the first record that matches

    • All Matching Records: returns all matching records as a list


  • User

    • Keyword: first name, last name, or email of the user


  • Users

    • User ID: unique identifier of the user

    • Email: email address of the user

    • First Name: first name of the user

    • Last Name: last name of the user

    • System Role ID: assigned user role; options are EMPLOYEE, RESTRICTED, STANDARD, EXTENDED, or ADMINISTRATOR

    • External Data: third-party data that can be synced with your SmartRecruiters instance; for example, employee ID numbers

    • SSO Identifier: unique identifier for an SSO-enabled user; can be email address

    • Language: preferred language of the user; for example, de for German

    • Active: indicates whether the user is active

    • Updated On: date and time when user's profile was last updated in ISO 8601