SmartRecruiters connector

Use the SmartRecruiters connector to manage users and groups with the SmartRecruiters Marketplace API.

SmartRecruiters connector action cards



Add User to Group

Add a user to a group in SmartRecruiters.

Create User

Create a new user in SmartRecruiters.

Custom API Action

Make a custom, authenticated HTTP call to the SmartRecruiters API.

Deactivate User

Deactivate a user in SmartRecruiters.

Read User

Retrieve a SmartRecruiters user profile by user ID.

Remove User from Group

Remove a user from a group in SmartRecruiters.

Search Groups

Search for groups in SmartRecruiters.

Search Users

Search for users in SmartRecruiters.

Update User

Update a user in SmartRecruiters