Read Organization

Read an organization from Zendesk.

Input Fields

  • Read by

    • Organization ID (number): Unique Identification number of the organization that will be read by this card. The ID could be found in the URL of the document in this format : http://< your domain>< Organization ID >.

    • External ID (text): A unique id you can specify for the user.

Output Fields

  • Organization

    • Organization ID (number): Identification code of organization user is associated with.

    • Organization URL (text): Website URL of organization.

    • External ID (text): A unique id you can specify for the user.

    • Name (text): Name of user searched.

    • Created At (date): Time and date organization was created.

    • Updated At (date): Time and date organization was last updated.

    • Domain Names (list): Drop down menu of possible domain names to associate with organization.

    • Details (text): Any details you want to store about the user, such as an address.

    • Notes (text): Any notes you want to store about the user.

    • Group ID (number): Identification number of group organization is associated with.

    • Shared Tickets? (yes or no): If true is marked, tickets are not shared.

    • Shared Comments (yes or no):true if the comments within organization are shared.

    • Tags (list): Drop down menu of tags related to organization.