Search Users

Search for user.

Input Fields

  • User

    • Name (text): Name of user searched.

    • External ID (text): A unique id you can specify for the user.

    • Email (text): The user's primary email address.

    • Phone (text): The user's primary phone number.

    • Group (text): Name of group user is associated with.

    • Details (text): Any details you want to store about the user, such as an address.

    • Notes (text): Any notes you want to store about the user.

    • Organization (text): Name of organization user is associated with

    • Role (text): The user's role. Possible values are "end-user", "agent", or "admin".

    • Tags (text): The user's tags. Only present is your account has user tagging available.

Output Fields

  • There are no output fields.