Upload Attachment

Upload a file and attach it to a ticket

Input Fields

  • Attach To

    • Ticket ID(number) : Unique Identification number of the ticket that will be attached an attachment by this card. The ID could be found in the URL of the document in this format : http://< your domain>.zendesk.com/agent/tickets/< ticket ID >.

    • Comment(text) : The comment received with this file, if available.

    • Public?(true/false) : True indicates the file is public to all viewers of ticket.

  • File

    • File Name(text) : The file text name.

    • File Content(file) : The file itself.

Output Fields

  • Attachment ID(number) : The identification of the attachment.

  • Attachment URL(text) : The url of the attachment.

  • Ticket URL(text) : The ticket of the ticket that attachment attached to.