Updated Organization

Run Flow when updates are made to any organization's fields.


Field Definition Type
Organization ID The unique identification code of organization user is associated with. Number
External ID A unique identification code you can specify for the user, to use externally. String
Name Name of user searched. String
Created At Time and date organization was created. This will be a year-month-day format. Date & Time
Updated At Time and date organization was last updated. Date & Time
Domain Names Drop down menu of possible domain names to associate with organization. List
Details Any details you want to store about the user, such as an address, age, hobby. String
Notes Any extra notes you want to store about the user. String
Group ID The unique identification number of group organization is associated with. Number
Shared Tickets? If true is marked, tickets are not shared. Boolean
Shared Comments? true if the comments within organization are shared, false otherwise. Boolean
Tags Drop down menu of available tags related to organization. List
Custom Fields A dynamically generated list of any custom fields associated with the ticket. See About custom field types for more information about custom fields. Various
Execution ID Unique identifier associated with the execution of the Flow. String

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