Add an Inline Hook

After creating your external service, you need to connect the external service with Okta and enable it for a particular process flow by adding an Inline Hook.

  1. In the Admin Console, go to Workflow >Inline Hooks.
  2. Click Add Inline Hook, and then select the type of Inline Hook:
    • Registration: customizes the handling of user registration requests in Self-Service Registration
    • SAML: customizes SAML assertions returned by Okta
    • Token: customizes tokens returned by Okta API Access Management
    • Password Import: verifies a user-supplied password to support migration of users to Okta
    • User Import: customizes handling of new users who are imported into Okta from an application.
  3. Define the following attributes:
    • Name: a descriptive name for the Inline Hook
    • URL: the external service's endpoint URL, to which the Inline Hook sends the request
    • Authentication field: the name of the authorization header
    • Authentication secret: the value string that corresponds to the field name
    • Custom header fields: optional field name / value pairs to send with the request
  4. Click Save. The inline hook is now Active.
  5. Associate the endpoint with an Okta process flow. How to do this varies by Inline Hook type.

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