Okta Automations enable you to prepare and respond to situations that occur during the lifecycle of end users who are assigned to an Okta group.

For example, if a user is inactive for a defined number of days and is on the verge of being locked out, an automation can send an alert to the inactive user in advance.

Set up an automation by defining the following items:

  • Conditions — The criteria that triggers Okta to perform actions upon a group of end users. For each automation, you can choose one condition to apply to one or more groups. Conditions can be scheduled to run once or to recur daily. The following conditions are currently available:
    • User inactivity in Okta
    • User password expiration in Okta

    These conditions are triggered according to a schedule and can be applied to one or more groups. Conditions are mandatory for automations on recurring schedules.

  • Actions — The actions that you want Okta to perform when the scheduled conditions are true. The following actions are currently available:
    • Send email to the user
    • Change user lifecycle state in Okta

Note: Email automations are not available for paid developer orgs or free trial editions of Okta.