Configure a device in Chronicles

During this task we will create and configure a new device to support multifactor authentication in EPCS workflows.

  1. Open the Chronicles app.
  2. Access the Authentication Devices (E0G) primary file.
  3. Go to Enter Data > Create/Edit Device.
  4. Enter the following:
    • Device name — Enter a device name.
    • ID — Enter an ID value of 100000 or greater.
    • In the General Settings screen:
      • Platform — Select 1-Desktop.
      • Description — [Optional] Enter an description.
      • ProgID - Enter OktaHyperspaceLoginDevice.OktaMFADevice.
    1. Save the new Authentication device.
  5. Determine whether an Authentication Configuration Record is defined:
    1. Go to d ^%ZeUSTBL > Hyperspace > Miscellaneous Security Settings.
    2. Examine the results.
  6. If an Authentication Configuration record doesn't exist.
    1. Go to d ^e > e0a > Enter Data > Create Configuration.
    2. Enter the following:
      • ID — Enter er a unique ID.
      • Name — Enter a unique name.
      • Config Type — enter Authentication Device Settings.
    3. Save the new Authentication Configuration record.
    4. Enter the name of your Authentication Configuration record into the Authentication Configuration Record field for newly added Authentication Device entered in step 3.
  7. Save changes and exit Chronicles.

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