Configure a device in Chronicles

During this task we will set up and configure a new device in Chronicle.

To set up and configure a new device in Chronicles:

  1. In Chronicles, access the Authentication Devices (E0G) primary file and navigate to Enter Data > Create/Edit Device.
    • Enter a name for the device, such as Okta 2FA.
    • Enter a new ID of 100000 or greater.
    • On the General Settings screen, enter Enter 1-Desktop in the Platform field.
    • On the General Settings screen, enter a description in the Description field, if desired.
    • On the Desktop Settings screen, enter OktaHyperspaceLoginDevice.OktaMFADevice in the ProgID field.
  2. Determine whether there is an Authentication Configuration Record defined in d ^%ZeUSTBL> Hyperspace > Miscellaneous Security Settings. If not, complete the following steps:
    • In Chronicles, navigate to d ^e > e0a > Enter Data > Create Configuration.
    • Enter a unique ID and name for your Authentication Configuration record.
    • In the Config Type field enter Authentication Device Settings.
  3. Using that newly created, or existing, Authentication Configuration record configure as needed for the additional factor(s).