Configure Hyperspace

During this task we will configure Hyperspace to integrate with Okta.
In general, the EPIC administrator will:

  1. Create a device (EOG) record that represents the third-party vendor (Okta in this case).
  2. Enter the new device as the Secondary Device in your Authentication Administration record.

To configure Hyperspace :

  1. In Hyperspace, navigate to Authentication Administration (Epic button > Admin > Access Management > Authentication Administration).
  2. Accept the active record. (This record should be the Authentication Configuration record that you either just verified was set or just created.)
  3. Select the desired configuration level; for example, System, Service Area, Workstation, etc.
  4. In the Context field, enter E-Prescribing Controlled Medications - First Context.

  5. Set the first authentication method you want users to be prompted with as the Primary Device. Okta anticipates that most organizations will choose the standard user name and password workflow, Default Login, as the first method.

  6. In the Context field, enter E-Prescribing Controlled Medications - Second Context.

  7. Set Okta to be the Primary Device.

  8. Click Accept.

  9. Close Hyperspace and relaunch for the new configuration to take effect.


Next steps