Add your existing Okta Verify account to an iOS device by using Bluetooth

If you already use Okta Verify and want to authenticate with the same account on another iOS device, you can sync your devices using Bluetooth. By doing so, you can add your existing Okta Verify account directly to the other device without signing in to the End-User Dashboard.

Before you begin

  • Use the latest version of Okta Verify. Check the App Store for updates.

  • You must have Okta FastPass enabled in your Okta Verify account.

  • You must have biometrics enabled on your new device. Check the settings app to confirm.

  • Confirm that both your new and old device has Bluetooth and it’s turned on.

  • Open Okta Verify on your old device and confirm that your account doesn’t have any warnings or errors. See Resolve Okta Verify account issues on Android devices or Resolve Okta Verify account issues on iOS devices.

Start this task

  1. Start on the device where you already have an Okta Verify account. Open Okta Verify and generate a code that you need to set up your new device. Follow the steps for your device type:


    1. Tap your account.

    2. On the Account details page, tap Add account to another device and follow the instructions.




    1. Tap or click your account.

    2. Tap or click Add Account to Another Device and follow the instructions.

    A QR code and a code with numbers and letters appear. Keep them handy. You're prompted for the code later.

  2. Install Okta Verify on your new iOS device.

  3. Open the app, and then tap Add Account from Another Device and follow the instructions.

  4. Set up the account. For this step, you need the code generated by Okta Verify in the first step.

    • Scan the QR code displayed on your original device. Tap Scan QR code, and then point your camera at the QR code displayed on another device.

    • If your device can't scan the QR code, tap Enter Code Manually. Enter the 8-digit code that is displayed in the browser on another device.

    • If the account setup is successful, a 6-digit PIN appears.

  5. Confirm that you're pairing the right devices. Enter the 6-digit PIN displayed in Okta Verify on the new device into Okta Verify on your other device.

    Don't enter a PIN given to you by anyone else.

  6. Follow the instructions to complete the setup.

You can now sign in with Okta Verify on the iOS device.

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