Add an Auth Chooser Auth Module

An Auth Chooser Auth Module lets you define a set of Auth Modules. During authorization, the user selects an Auth Module (also known as an authorization mechanism) from that set.

  1. Add two or more Auth Modules and then add an AuthChooser Auth Module. See Add an Auth Module.

  2. After you select AuthChooser, the Add New Auth Module opens, configured for AuthChooser authentication.

  3. Enter the following details:
    NameName used to identify the Auth Module (for example, AuthChooser AM).
    Short NameAn automatically generated short name for this Auth Module.
    Authentication ModulesClick + to add two or more existing authentication modules to the list. Drag existing modules to change their display order (for example, Okta, Access Gateway Local).
    AttributesSet of available attributes provided to Access Gateway using the IDP assertion (for example, oag_username).
    DescriptionOptional. Enter description
  4. Click Okay.