Add a data store Auth Module

Add a data store Auth Module to add a secondary authentication relationship between Access Gateway and an external LDAP or database data store.

The dependent data store must exist before adding a data store-based Auth Module. See Administer data stores.

  1. Add an Auth Module and select Data Store.

  2. Enter the following details in the Add New Auth Module dialog:
    NameName used to identify the Auth Module (for example, DataStore AM).
    DB Store

    An existing database-based data store (for example, MyDBDataStore). See Administer data stores.

    Username Column

    Select the column that contains the usernames (for example, Username).

    Password Column

    Select the column that contains the passwords (for example, Password).

    Crypt Function

    The database function used to encrypt the password (for example, encryptFunction). Leave this field empty if the password isn't encrypted.


    The set of available attributes provided to Access Gateway from the IDP assertion (for example, email, username, userid, password). The data store populates the field with these attributes.


    Optional. Enter description.

  3. Click Not Validated. Okta Access Gateway attempts to validate the connection. If successful, the label changes to Valid.
  4. Click Okay.