Import an OVA to AWS

Import the OVA using previously created roles.

AWS requires the use of the vmimport identity to import a VM.

There is no AWS Console equivalent to the command line import-image command.

Using the vmimport identity to convert the OVA image to an AMI image:

  1. Create a json file representing the locations for the containers used during the import.



            "Description": "DESCRIPTION",
            "Format": "ova",
            "UserBucket": {
                "S3Bucket": "BUCKET_NAME",
                "S3Key": "FILE_NAME"


    • BUCKET_NAME with the bucket name. For example, access-gateway-bucket

    • DESCRIPTION with an appropriate description. For example, Okta Access Gateway

    • FILE_NAME with the specific name of the OVA file. For example Okta-AccessGateway.ova

  2. Begin the import process using a command similar to:

    aws ec2 import-image --description "Okta Access Gateway" --license-type "BYOL" --disk-containers "file://~/Downloads/containers.json" 
  3. Examine the output of command and note the task id associated with the import process.

        "Status": "active", 
        "LicenseType": "BYOL", 
        "Description": "AG2019.ova.", 
        "SnapshotDetails": [...], 
        "Progress": "2", 
        "StatusMessage": "pending", 
            "ImportTaskId": "import-ami-08800a79da64acae7"
  4. Examine the progress of the import using the task id :

    aws ec2 describe-import-image-tasks --import-task-ids TASK_ID

    Where TASK_ID is the value from the prior step. For example:

    aws ec2 describe-import-image-tasks --import-task-ids import-ami-08800a79da64acae7

    Import progress is noted in the Progress json element and represents a percentage from 0-100%.

    1. Monitor the import until it reaches status completed. For example:

          "ImportImageTasks": [
              "Status": "completed", 
              "LicenseType": "BYOL", 
              "Description": "AG2019.ova.",
              ImageId": "ami-0c20c537e7f8dd6a5"
    2. Note the ImageId field is used to confirm the image import in the AWS console.

  5. Confirm that the import completed in the AWS console:

    1. Return to the AWS console

    2. Navigate to Services > EC2.

    3. In the left hand navigation pane select Images > AMI.

    4. Examine the image list, searching for the image with matching id.AWS AMI Image list

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