Deploy OVA to Oracle VirtualBox

To Deploy the Access Gateway OVA to Oracle Virtual box:

  1. Open Oracle VirtualBox.

  2. Select FileImport Appliance.

    Select import appliance

  3. Click Folder to browse to the directory where the OVA file was downloaded.

  4. Select the Okta Access Gateway OVA file, and click Open.

    Select Okta Access Gateway OVA

  5. Click Next.

    Click next to import appliance

  6. Specify the name as Access Gateway and verify that Guest OS Type is set to Red Hat (64-bit).

  7. Select the Reinitialize the MAC address of all network cards option, and click Import.

    Specify VM name, and other VM details

    VirtualBox begins the import process.

    Importing appliance

  8. Click Settings.
  9. Select Storage.
  10. If the disk is associated with the SCSI device, select it and drag it beneath the IDE device and click Ok.
  11. Click Start.

    Click start to start VM

Next steps

Perform post deployment tasks