Oracle VirtualBox (OVB) deployment tasks

Okta Access Gateway only supports using Oracle VirtualBox for development and test use. Okta doesn't support deploying Access Gateway to Oracle VirtualBox for production use.

Oracle VirtualBox deployment tasks



Download the latest OVA image Download current version of the Access Gateway OVA.
Deploy OVA to Oracle VirtualBox Import the downloaded OVA into Oracle VirtualBox.

Post deployment tasks



Set Access Gateway instance hostname Set a hostname for Access Gateway.
Optional. Set Access Gateway instance IP address Configure a fixed IP address for Access Gateway.
Optional. Set Access Gateway DNS Servers Configure Access Gateway to use a split DNS process where multiple DNS servers are used.
Optional. Set Access Gateway proxy server Configure Access Gateway to use with a proxy server.
Determine Access Gateway IP address

Add admin entry to hosts file

Configure Access Gateway DNS

Determine Access Gateway IP address for non-AWS instances.

Configure required admin entry in local hosts file.

Configure required DNS entries.

Initialize Access Gateway Admin UI console Initialize the cookie domain and instance hostname.
Configure your Okta tenant as an Identity Provider Configure Okta tenant as an identify provider.
Configure SAML access to from your Okta tenant Configure Okta tenant to allow access to Access Gateway using SAML.
Review security best practices Examine and execute a set of common Access Gateway security best practices.

Ensure that you appropriately name your Access Gateway nodes when you create them for use in a high availability cluster. These names must be resolvable between Access Gateway instances before you configure high availability.