Set Access Gateway DNS Servers

Access Gateway deployments often use the concept of split DNS, where two DNS servers handle requests for a single domain. One server handles requests from the public internet, and the other server handles requests from the internal network.

To configure DNS servers:

  1. Sign in to the Access Gateway Management console.

    Use either ssh oag-mgmt@admin, or with virtual environments (for example, Oracle VirtualBox), use the command window provided by the environment.

    Username: oag-mgmt Password: <default-password>

    The first time you sign in to Access Gateway Management console you must change the default password. See Initial sign in to Access Gateway Management console.

  2. Enter 1 - Network.
  3. Enter 8 - Manage DNS settings.
  4. Enter 1 - Manage DNS servers.
  5. Enter 1, 2, or 3 to set the primary, secondary, or tertiary DNS server, respectively.
  6. Repeat as required to set other DNS servers.
  7. Enter s to save or x to exit discarding changes.
  8. Enter x to return to the Manage network interfaces menu.

Depending on how the current IP address of Access Gateway is defined you may need to enter the static IP address into either and /etc/hosts file or DNS.