Set Access Gateway proxy server

The following procedure details how to specify a proxy for Access Gateway.

Important Note


Setting or unsetting a proxy requires a system restart. Ensure that sufficient restart downtime is accounted for.

  1. Sign in to the Access Gateway Management console.
    (Using either ssh oag-mgmt@admin, or with virtual environments such as Oracle VirtualBox via a command window provided by the environment.

    Username: oag-mgmt
    Password: <default-password>

    The first time you sign in to Access Gateway Management console you will be required to change the default password. See Initial sign in to Access Gateway Management console for more information.

  2. Enter 1 - Network.
  3. Enter 5 - Proxy settings.
    For a complete list of all proxy related commands, including using credentials, see Network > Proxy in Command Line Management Console reference
  4. Choose either 1 - Set proxy or 2 - Unset proxy.

    Enter Ctrl + c at any time to abort.

    • Set proxy
      Enter proxy host: <proxy host name> or <ip address of proxy>
      Enter proxy port: <port where proxy is listening>
      Enter hosts that need to bypass proxy: <comma separated list of hosts that bypass proxy>
      Enter y to confirm or N to cancel.
    • Unset proxy
      Enter y to unset proxy, or N to cancel.

  5. Enter x to return to the Proxy settings menu.
  6. Enter x to return the Network menu.
  7. Enter x to return to the main menu.
  8. Enter 5 - System.
  9. Enter 5 - Reboot.
  10. Enter y to confirm reboot.
Important Note


High availability clusters: Repeat the process on all cluster members.