Reset Access Gateway passwords

The first time you sign in to the Access Gateway Management console or the Access Gateway Admin UI console you will be required to change the default password.

Introduced in Access Gateway version 2021.3.6.

You can cancel the change password process at any time by entering Ctrl+S. You'll be required to change the password on next sign in.

  1. Start Access Gateway and open a terminal window.
    Note that different virtual environments provide differing mechanisms for opening terminals.

  2. Sign in as:
    1. Username: oag-mgmt
    2. Password: <default-password>

    Password requirements will then be displayed and resemble: Password requirements: 1. Minimum length of the password should be 8 . . . Changing password for user oag-mgmt. Current password: <default-password> New password:********

    See Access Gateway password policies for minimum password requirements.

  3. Enter the new password.New password:********
  4. Repeat the new password. Retype password:********

On successful password change, you will be redirected to the Access Gateway Management console main page.