Get Started with Okta Access Gateway

Start here if you're new to Access Gateway and want to review prerequisites and known issues, are looking for help planning your deployment, or want to quickly locate information.

Including list of how-to tutorials on the most common Access Gateway administration activities.

  • Okta Access Gateway bootstrap - how to deploy and configure Access Gateway for development use quickly and easily using a common desktop virtual environment.
  • Access Gateway one day administration - Understand, deploy, integrate, and configure Access Gateway in a day. Learn all the important aspects of Access Gateway, from deploying the virtual appliance to configuring high availability.
  • Configure your Okta tenant as an Identity Provider - An Okta tenant is the system of record for any Access Gateway deployment. This tutorial guides you through the process of configuring an Okta tenant as the IDP for Access Gateway.
  • Configure High Availability - Configuring an Access Gateway high availability cluster is core to a successful deployment. This tutorials guides you though the process of configuring an Access Gateway high availability cluster.
  • Integrate applications - Applications are the heart of Access Gateway.
    This tutorials guides you through configuring a header-based application, adding a data store to supplement profile data, adding policy to fine tune access, and adding behaviors to handle multiple application conditions.
  • Security best practices - A set of tasks dedicated to locking down Access Gateway.

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