Access Gateway Management console

The Access Gateway Management console provides options and settings specific to the system as a whole. Using the Command Line console, you can manage networking, specify NGINX settings, configure high availability, and more.

First sign in

The first time you access Access Gateway, you must change the default password.

You can cancel the change password process at any time by entering Ctrl+S. You'll be required to change the password on next sign in.

  1. Start Access Gateway and open a terminal window.
    Note that different virtual environments provide differing mechanisms for opening terminals.

  2. Sign in as:
    1. Username: oag-mgmt
    2. Password: <default-password>

    Password requirements will then be displayed and resemble: Password requirements: 1. Minimum length of the password should be 8 . . . Changing password for user oag-mgmt. Current password: <default-password> New password:********

    See Access Gateway password policies for minimum password requirements.

  3. Enter the new password.New password:********
  4. Repeat the new password. Retype password:********

After you sign in, the system provides you with various menu options, which are described in the following sections.

Network menu

The Network menu contains options for checking the status of the network and modifying the network settings.

Service menu

The Services menu allows you to start, stop, and restart services on the Access Gateway appliance, check the status of running services, and perform other service management tasks.

Kerberos menu

The Kerberos menu allows you to list or destroy Kerberos tickets.

When listing a ticket, the software provides the Kerberos principal and Kerberos ticket held in the credential cache or keytab file.

You can destroy a user’s active Kerberos authorization by overwriting and deleting the credential cache that contains them.

Monitoring menu

The Monitor menu allows you to view the Access Gateway logs, enable and disable debug mode in logging and display memory usage statistics. See Logging.

System Menu

The System menu allows you to change the hostname of the Access Gateway instance, configure high availability, add or remove packages, and reboot/shut down the Access Gateway instance.

Change Access Gateway Console Password

The Change Access Gateway Console Password menu allows you to change the password for the oag-mgmt user.

Change Access Gateway Web Console Password

The Change Access Gateway Web Console Password menu allows you to change the password for the administrator on the Access Gateway Admin UI console.

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